Booking Terms and Conditions

SchoonerSail Limited (referred to here as SchoonerSail) cannot accept bookings from anyone who is pregnant, is a carrier of a serious communicable disease (such as Hepatitis B) or has epilepsy. SchoonerSail reserves the right to refuse any booking which in its sole opinion might affect the safety of Trinovante or anyone on board.

Please do not pay for or finalise any travel arrangements until we have confirmed in writing that we accept your booking. SchoonerSail will confirm your booking by email after a booking form has been filled in, accepted and the initial voyage payment has been made. A contract exists between us from the date we confirm your booking to you in writing

COVID Policy & Terms and conditions

The COVID situation is fast moving and constantly changing so SchoonerSail’s policy will also certainly change with time.

Government Guidelines

There are currently no government regulations (as of September 2023) or restrictions in force with regard to COVID in England and Scotland. This means there are no requirements for testing, self-isolating, mask wearing, limits on travel etc.

Should this situation change, SchoonerSail will comply with the local guidelines in force at the time. You should be aware that guidelines may vary between the different countries of the UK.

Understanding Of Risk

  1. As with any situation where groups of people are travelling to spend a holiday together there is a risk of infection and, by booking, you accept this risk
  2. If you are especially vulnerable to experiencing complications of COVID, you should bear this risk in mind when booking


We’d like everyone who sails onboard to be up to date with the currently recommended COVID vaccination schedule. If you are unvaccinated, you must phone or email us to discuss this before you book so we can talk through what this may mean for you in practice.


SchoonerSail’s 2024 voyages have been deliberately planned with several days in between legs with a view to the viability of the virus on surfaces over time. Trinovante has a deep clean between every voyage.

Cancellation Of Voyages

If SchoonerSail has to cancel any sailing holidays before the start date SchoonerSail will provide a full refund of the voyage fee.

If a voyage has started but is unable to continue for any reason pro-rata refund of the voyage fee will be given.

Last COVID Policy Update 30-09-23

General Terms and conditions

1. Your voyage fee includes

a. accommodation on board and all meals on board
b. use of life jackets, lines and sailing waterproofs/thermal suits
c. harbour dues, mooring fees and fuel

2. Your voyage fee does not include

a. travel to and from the boat,  you are solely responsible for arranging and paying for your travel to and from the boat.
b. travel insurance, you are solely responsible for arranging and paying for your travel insurance.
c. bedding – crew bring their own sleeping bag, a pillows and pillowcases are provided
d. any meals you choose to take ashore

3. Booking, Payment and Cancellation Terms

a. 50% of the voyage fee is payable when your booking is accepted by Schoonersail. This is non refundable outside of the stated cancellation period (section c below). If your voyage starts within 8 weeks/56 days days of your booking being accepted full payment is due. Please make sure your travel insurance covers you for cancellation.

b. The balance of 50% must be paid 10 weeks/56 days before the voyage start date. If the balance is not paid by the due date SchoonerSail reserves the right to cancel the booking and the customer will forfeit the deposit.

c. You may cancel any time within 14 days of your booking being confirmed by Schoonersail if the voyage starts more than 10 weeks/70 days from your booking date and Schoonersail will the refund all payments received. If the voyage starts within 10 weeks of your booking confirmed by Schoonersail you may cancel at any time within 72 hours and we will refund all payments received. Cancellations must be made by email.

4. Travel Insurance / Passports

a. You must obtain suitable sailing holiday travel insurance for all voyages and provide SchoonerSail with the details of the insurer, their 24 hour emergency telephone number and your policy number at the start of the voyage. The type of insurance you need, Offshore or Coastal is noted on the voyage notes on our website and will be advised on your booking confirmation.
You cannot sail if you are unable to provide SchoonerSail with valid insurance details at the start of the voyage. Please make sure you have read the notes on the SchoonerSail web site here, buying sailing holiday insurance.

b. If you fail to travel with valid and adequate sailing travel insurance we will not be liable for any losses which reasonable sailing travel insurance would be expected to cover. Make sure the insurance you buy is valid for your voyage.

c. You must have a full passport for all foreign voyages (outside the UK) and provide your passport details to SchoonerSail at the start of the voyage. You cannot sail if you do not have a valid passport with you at the start of any voyage sailing outside of the UK.

d. SchoonerSail accepts no responsibility for any personal belongings you bring on board – please make sure you are adequately insured.

5. The Voyage

a. You acknowledge that sailing can be a dangerous activity, which can be both physically and mentally challenging, especially in rough weather which can occur at any time during any voyage or Taster Weekend.

b. SchoonerSail may have to change or cancel any advertised voyage for reasons beyond our control including, but not limited to, unsuitable weather; therefore ports of joining, leaving and ports of call are not guaranteed. Your booking is also subject to the regulatory environment allowing the voyage to take place. If any voyage is cancelled for any reason prior to the advertised start date all voyage fees paid will be refunded in full but SchoonerSail, the skipper and/or crew shall otherwise have no liability whatsoever for the vessel not fulfilling or completing the advertised itinerary.

c. You will be actively participating in sailing Trinovante. Voyages over 8 hours operate on a watch system and you will be part of a watch. SchoonerSail does not take non participating guests on board.

d. For reasons of safety you agree to follow the instructions of the skipper and/or his delegated representative at all times and to participate fully in any instruction,safety briefing, or training that is being given.

e. The skipper and/or his delegated representative’s decision is final in all matters relating to the safe operation of Trinovante and her tenders.

f. For reasons of safety alcohol is only consumed at the skippers discretion and never at sea. This does not mean Trinovante is a ‘dry’ boat – you can drink on board just not when we are underway or may get underway. Smokers may smoke on deck.

g. You understand that SchoonerSail voyages are often well off the beaten track in wilderness areas. Therefore you may have to get on and off the boat using dock side ladders, by climbing over other boats etc. Do not expect to be stepping on and off marina pontoons. Please make sure you meet the required fitness levels before you book – if you are in doubt ask us. Sailing on Trinovante is more of an expedition type of experience than a holiday.

h. No animals, unlawful drugs, weapons, or goods of any kind are to be brought on board.

i. Guests under the age of 18 by special arrangement only and only with parent or legal guardian.

j. SchoonerSail is not responsible for sailing guests while they are ashore

k. It is customary for sailing guests to take it in turns to do the washing up onboard

l. You agree to provide your own waterproof non-slip footwear suitable for wet conditions.

m. Accommodation – Bookings are for a single berth unless you have booked as part of a couple and we have allocated you a double cabin. People are not expected to share double cabins except with a close partner. For fairness the single berths are usually allocated by drawing lots. If you are late someone will be delegated to draw a lot for you. We don’t generally mix sexes in the communal four berth area.

6. Health and Safety. Remember these conditions are aimed at your safety not ours.
Be aware that you will be out of reach of the usual shore-side emergency medical services on all voyages and taster weekends.

a. It is a condition of booking that you have a level of health and fitness sufficient to allow you to actively participate in all activities on board. If you are in any doubt as to what to expect whilst sailing on board Trinovante, or you have any questions about filling in the booking form do ring us on the boat phone for a chat. We are not medical experts but we can describe likely ‘at sea conditions’ and discuss general issues with you.
As a rough guide line a good level of agility is much more important than brute physical strength or aerobic fitness. If you are significantly overweight such that your agility is affected it is likely you will struggle with activities onboard.

b. Failure to declare information relevant to your medical fitness and/or your ability to actively participate in sailing on board may result in you not being allowed to sail and/or to continue with a voyage if the captain feels that your safety or the safety of others may be put at risk. No refunds or travel allowances will be given if you have to leave the boat for this reason.

c. You must notify SchoonerSail of any changes in your health and fitness that arise between booking and sailing.

d. You agree to provide a letter from your GP, at your own expense, on a form provided by SchoonerSail stating your fitness to sail on a specified voyage, if it is deemed necessary by SchoonerSail.

e. In the event of medical emergency you agree to reimburse SchoonerSail for any expenses that may be incurred for medical treatment and/or evacuation from the vessel and/or repatriation.

f. You must inform the captain of any medication that you are taking whilst you are on board. If you are taking medication please make sure to consult your doctor about any problems seasickness may cause with your medication and the suitability of any seasickness remedies you might be taking. If you will need seasickness medication make sure you bring enough with you.

g. Special dietary requirements must be advised at the time of booking.

All of the above may lead you to think you must be super fit to sail with us. This is not the case and we do our best to facilitate people so please do phone us for a chat if you are unsure. Our main concern is that your holiday is safe and enjoyable.

7 Privacy policy
a. SchoonerSail will not pass your details or personal information to other organizations or persons except for reasons of health and safety, border control issues and/or legal reasons or if you authorise us to.

8 Correspondence
a. All communications will be by email to the email address used on your booking form unless arranged otherwise.

9 Everything else
a. SchoonerSail shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury whether direct or indirect, economic or consequential arising from these terms and conditions of booking .

b. This contract is governed by English law and any claims or disputes relating to this contract are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

c. SchoonerSail reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.

d. All written communication is by email unless specifically agreed in advance.

h. Trinovante is regulated by the MCA in the UK.

i. the booking form together with these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede and extinguish all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between them, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.

Last Revision 30-09-22