Uk Sailing weekends on the schooner TrinovanteSchoonerSail

UK Sailing Weekends

Fri 9th to Mon 12th July 2021
Fri 16th to Mon 19th July 2021
3 nights £420
Two sailing weekends to get out on the water in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
On a sailing holiday in the UK to Brixham.SchoonerSail

Ipswich To Littlehampton

Sat 24th July to Sat 31st July 2021
7 Nights £945
Sail in the UK from Ipswich to Littlehampton
One Space Only
Gaff sail booms on a schooner at sea on a sailing holiday in the UK to Brixham.

Littlehampton To Brixham

Sat 7th Aug to Sat 14th Aug 2021
7 Nights £945
Sail from up channel to the Thames Estuary
Two Spaces Only
A ship in harbour on one of SchoonerSail's Cornwall sailing holidays.

Brixham To Falmouth And Falmouth to Brixham

Sat 21st Aug to Sat Thurs 26th Aug 2021
Thur 2nd Sept to Tues 7th Sept 2021
5 Nights £685 Two Cornwall Sailing Holidays with relaxed day sailing.
One Space Only On Each Leg
UK Sailing Weekends, the schooner Trinovante sailing past Felixstowe Port.John Willis

Brixham To Ipswich

Thurs 9th Sept to Sat 18th Sept 2021
9 Nights £1175
Sail in the UK from Brixham to Ipswich
Three Spaces Available
The Waverly paddle steamer ship heading under Tower Bridge LondonSchoonerSail

Ipswich To London

Tues 21st Sept to Sat 25th Sept 2021
4 Nights £540
Sail the rural rivers of the Thames Estuary and sail up the Thames to Tower Bridge.
Two Spaces Only