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  • This is only an application. Please do not pay us, or pay for, or finalise any travel arrangements or other arrangements until we confirm in writing by email that we have a berth available for you and can accept your booking. This will be in the form of a 'Booking Acceptance' email.
    Please note that no booking is fully confirmed until the initial payment has been received by SchoonerSail. you receive a 'Booking Confirmation' email from SchoonerSail at when your booking is fully confirmed.
    If you don't want to apply online, please click here for a Printable Booking Application Form that you can fill in and send by post. See our How To Book Page for full details of how to book and a road map for what happens after you book.
    You must fill in one form per person.
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  • Covid

    In a nutshell we are expecting people to be vaccinated with at least one dose and we will be monitoring Government guidelines.

    Please see our terms and conditions.

    Dietary Requirements, Wet Weather Gear And Health

    We may contact you if we need more information about any of your answers to the following questions.

    We are happy to cater for most diets but the details MUST be notified and agreed with us before completing your booking. You MUST notify us if you have any allergies at the point of booking.

    The sea is an unforgiving environment and some conditions even if ‘under control’ on dry land, can become critical at sea and threaten the safety of the individual or the vessel.

    However, ticking a box below or declaring a medical condition does not mean you can't sail with us. We consider every booking individually.

    Unfortunately for safety reasons, we cannot take people sailing who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or are carriers of a communicable disease.

    You do not need to be super fit to sail on Trinovante but you do need a reasonable level of agility.

    Please phone us if you want to discuss anything on this form before you fill it out. You will be speaking to either Su or John on the Boat Phone 00 44 7977 594649.

    We do not take under 18's but there is no fixed upper age limit.

  • Dietary requirements must be notified at the time of booking.
  • Sailing can be a dangerous activity.

    It can be both physically and mentally challenging, especially in rough weather which can occur at any time during any voyage or Taster Weekend.

    Please be honest when answering the questions below. Remember, it is your health and safety that may be at risk. Conditions you need to tell us about below include but are not limited to; diabetes, heart conditions, allergies, learning difficulties, impaired vision not corrected by glasses, deafness, reduced mobility, sleep apnoea, vertigo, high blood pressure, and asthma.

    Remember, we reserve the right not to allow you to start or continue any voyage or taster weekend. We may do this if we feel anyone's safety may be compromised in any way. This situation is most likely to occur because of undeclared medical conditions. Declaring a medical condition does not mean we will refuse your booking.

    Be aware that any sailing voyage, by its very nature, takes you beyond the reach of usual land-based emergency medical assistance.

    If you want to discuss any details of what to expect onboard before filling in this form phone us on the Boat Phone 00 44 7977 594649.

  • Travel Insurance is normally required for all voyages. If you are a UK citizen we do not require travel insurance for voyages which begin and end in the UK.
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    I consent to SchoonerSail using the information provided on this form for communicating with me and my responsible person ashore if necessary, managing my safety and fulfilling any legal and contractual obligations that arise in relation to my booking. I consent to my information being shared as necessary with such bodies as border control, emergency services, etc. Full details as to how we may use your data can be found in our privacy policy.
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