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Sailing Holidays On Board The Schooner Trinovante

A List Of What To Take On Your Sailing Holiday

Boats generally provide basic equipment for guests on a sailing holiday.
It is not necessary to spend money on expensive sailing clothing for any of our holidays. Ordinary fleeces, thermals, hats and wellies will do onboard.

Our schooner sails in northern climes and there is some weather advice for holidays in Norway at the bottom of this page

SchoonerSail provides

  • Foul weather waterproofs

  • Life jackets

  • Very warm insulated water-proof flotation suits suitable for colder conditions if you are booking an Arctic voyage, as shown in the second photograph on this page.

You need to bring

  • Sleeping bag

  • Clean pillow case. We provide a pillow.

  • Pair of wellies. Ordinary black wellies will do. We might be able to lend you a pair - email us with your size

  • Passport This is needed if your sailing holiday starts and/or finishes in a non UK port.
    No passport, no sailing holiday.

  • Non slip footwear - any non slip footwear will do, we are not a yacht so there is no need to buy expensive deck shoes.

  • Warm hat and clothing. Layers work best. Thermal underwear is a great idea and doesn't take up much room in your bag. Remember that it can get very cold during the night at sea.

  • Towel and toiletries

  • Strap to hold your sunglasses/glasses on with.

  • Sunscreen, loose clothing to cover up from the sun

  • Any medication that you need. If you think you may need sea sickness medication Stugeron it the one most people take. The active ingredient is Cinnarzine.

  • Travel insurance for sailing, for some of our holidays this means 'offshore insurance'. We do not require that you have travel insurance for our sailing weekends in the UK. SchoonerSail's terms and conditions and notes on travel insurance for sailing holidays have more about travel insurance requirements. Do contact us if you are unsure about arranging this, how much it might cost, what needs to be covered, possible providers etc.
    No valid travel insurance when you arrive onboard, no sailing holiday.

    Put all your stuff in a soft bag or ruck sack that you can carry unassisted. Please do not bring a suitcase. We have nowhere we can stow them.

    You do need all the things on this list. Some people have not bought wellies in the past. It's no fun being in salty, sodden shoes for a week. Please don't bank on being able to buy things you need when you arrive.
  • A certain amount of hand washing can be done on board on longer voyages but its generally possible to get to a washing machine on most of our voyages.

    Advice on the weather for sailing holidays in Norway.
    The weather in Norway can be very changeable, at its extreme it can go from hot T shirt weather to a full blown hail storm in only a couple of hours. It can be very hot and it can be quite cold. Not very helpful we know, but you need to cater for all weathers when you pack. As always layers work best.

Trinovante sailing home to Ipswich

Sailing in the Arctic Circle, Norway

Trinovante crew winching the jib in

Trinovante crew on deck at the tall ship races Maloy 2008