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Tall Ships Race Film 'Bigger Than Your Self' by Paul Farmer

Bigger Than Yourself from Paul Farmer on Vimeo.

Two youth members of the crew of the schooner Trinovante tell their own story of the Tall Ships Race 2008 between Bergen in Norway and Den Helder in the Netherlands. To their amazement they find themselves winning their class until wind and ocean take a hand. It's a tale of gales, calms and a close brush with Aberdeen, with reflections of international friendships made and dreams of all-day breakfasts....
Paul Farmer: filmmaker and producer.

Schooner Trinovante Tall Ship Sailing In Wild Weather

A Link To A Film Of The Four Masted Schooner Santa Maria Manuela

15 min film of the schooner Santa Maria Manuela fishing off Newfoundland in the 1950's

SchoonerSail's schooner Trinovante was sailing in company for an evening with this large four masted schooner in the Tall Ships North Sea Regatta in 2010. Santa Maria manuela was one of the portuguese 'white fleet' of cod fishing schooners where the cod were caught by individual fishermen longlining from small dories carried to the fishing grounds on the deck of the main ship.This melancholy film portrays the lives of the fishermen.

Mackerel Sky - Sailing On The Schooner Trionvante

Trinovante - Mackerel Sky from Paul Farmer on Vimeo.