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The Tall Ships Race start line

2017 Tall Ships Race

Sorry you missed this voyage.

Trinovante is not sailing in 2018. For 2019 voyages click below.

2019 Tall Ship Sailing Adventures


Lithuania to Poland
Klaipeda to Szczecin
Saturday 29th July to Monday 7th August
9 nights

If you are over 25 years old you can only book this leg in tandem with someone between the ages of 18 and 25.

Travel To And From The Ship Klaipeda

Travel To And From The Ship Szczecin

Join the ship 6 pm on the first day, leave around 10am on the last day.

The Tall Ships Races - What Are They All About ?

The Tall Ships Races first started back in 1956. With changes over the years and now run by Sail Training International they have grown into big international events built around the ethos of encouraging young people to go sailing, sail training and building international friendship.

It's difficult to describe what a fantastic, exhilarating experience it was the first time Trinovante entered a Tall Ships Race and we are thrilled to be competing again in 2017. This will also be Trinovante's first visit to Lithuania.

The Race Leg - Set Sail And Head Out To Sea

Sail Training International's own description is hard to beat -

'Nothing can quite prepare you for the unforgettable atmosphere of racing. Picture yourself sailing on a beautiful Tall Ship, way out at sea, with the waves crashing against the hull, no land in sight, the sun rising behind you, and your closest competitor hot on your heels.'

For Trinovante it is a unique chance to race and be in the company of other sailing ships of all sizes.

The Host Ports

If you have never been to a Tall Ships Race Port before - be prepared. The ports will be buzzing with people and ships from all over the world.

As a spectator experience the port festivals are like no other and are expected to attract around 3 million visitors in 2017.

As part of a Race Crew there will be so much to do and see it can be difficult to know where to start. Crew parties, parades, competitions, sports and bands and somehow finding time to just wander, meet with the other sailors and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

In the past Trinovante crews have excelled in winning the ladies 'Running Up A Very Steep Hill Race' (that was in Bergen - no problem finding a steep hill there) and have put in a very good effort at crate stacking. We also aim to be the most colourful entry in the Crew Parade.


The port of Szczecin and the people we met there in 2015 inspired us to enter the Tall Ships Races in 2017. They live, breathe and love Tall Ships and you will find the warmest of welcomes in this fantastic Polish city. Check out the Szczecin travel notes


Bigger Than Yourself from Paul Farmer on Vimeo.

Two youth members of the crew of the schooner Trinovante tell their own story of the Tall Ships Race 2008 between Bergen in Norway and Den Helder in the Netherlands. To their amazement they find themselves winning their class until wind and ocean take a hand. It's a tale of gales, calms and a close brush with Aberdeen, with reflections of international friendships made and dreams of all-day breakfasts....
Paul Farmer: filmmaker and producer.

Race Crew at the Tall Ships Races onboard Trinovante

Navigation practise.

Two of the crew on a tall ships race

Golden ship sculpture, lithuania

crate stacking competition at the Tall Ships Races