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Tall Ships Parade

Be Part Of The Tall Ships Parade Of Sail And Then Enjoy Some Coastal Day Sailing

Sorry you missed this voyage.

Trinovante is not sailing in 2018. For 2019 voyages click below.

2019 Tall Ship Sailing Adventures


Poland to Germany
Szczecin to Kiel, Holtenau
Monday 7th August to Thursday 17th August
10 Nights

Getting To And From The Ship Szczecin

Getting To And From The Ship Kiel

Join the ship 6 pm on the first day, leave around 10am on the last day.

What will you get from this sailing holiday?

Very relaxed day sailing with plenty of time ashore exploring and the excitement of sailing in company with other big ships.


Trinovante leaves Szczecin with all the excitement of being in the Tall Ships Parade of Sail. We expect this to be a particularly good parade of sail as the huge fleet of ships threads it's way through the inland lakes on their way to the sea.

The port of Szczecin and the people we met there in 2015 inspired us to enter the Tall Ships Races in 2017. They live, breathe and love Tall Ships and you will find the warmest of welcomes in this fantastic Polish city. If you have never been to a Tall Ships Race Port before - be prepared. The ports will be buzzing with people and ships from all over the world.

If you have time it would be well worth arriving a day or so early to soak up the atmosphere before joining Trinovante - just make sure you book accommodation early. Check out the Szczecin travel notes here.

Relaxed Day Sailing

Trinovante leaves Szczecin sailing in sheltered water through several large lakes past the Polish city of Świnoujście, out into the Baltic Sea.

From here we'll be enjoying relaxed day sailing in the warm Baltic summer sun with plenty of time ashore for exploring.

Our intended route will take us along the North German Coast to the magnificent medieval Hanseatic trading cities of Stralsund, Wismar, Rostock, and Lubeck.

Strung out along what was East Germany behind the iron curtain these cities have been on our list of places to visit for some time.

We may also have time to visit some of the Danish islands such as the sailing ship centre of Marstal on Aero.


The quay at Holtenau is often the last stop for sailing ships like Trinovante before they transit the Kiel Canal There is always an interesting selection of ships moored on this attractive waterfront. it's a fine place to sit and have a coffee with the added interest of ship-watching. In front of the quay everything from huge container ships to tiny yachts jostle around before entering the Kiel Canal locks and tall ships come and go on the quay side itself.

All voyage notes refer only to possible itineraries - where we sail, passage lengths and the places we call into will be entirely dependent on the wind and weather at the time.

Cerne at the helm

Whits sails on a schooner

Lucy and Sophia



The quay, Stubbekobing, Denmark