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Sunrise seen through the rigging of a schooner.

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Transit the Kiel Canal, Sail Overnight To The Netherlands Plus Day Sailing In Sheltered Waters.

Germany To The Netherlands
Kiel, Holtenau to Amsterdam,
via Harlingen the Markermeer and IJsselmere.
Wed 23th Aug to Thurs 31st Aug 2017
9 Nights

Travel To And From The Ship Kiel

Travel To And From The Ship Amsterdam

Join the ship 6 pm on the first day, leave around 10am on the last day.

Kiel, Holtenau

Trinovante will be berthed on the quay here. Many sailing ships stop along the Tissenkai at Holtenau making this a buzzing little spot. You can happily while away an afternoon at one of the bars watching the ships docking, and coming in and out of the Kiel canal entrance which is very close to the quay

The Kiel Canal

Known in Germany as the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal this canal opened in 1895. Now lined with mature trees the 56 mile long canal is also a busy shipping route and our schooner will be dwarfed by some much larger vessels.

The River Elbe

This is the most important river for seagoing trade in Germany and is the seaway to the huge port of Hamburg. With tides running up to 5 knots Trinovante's exit from the lock must be timed to catch the ebb tide past Cuxhaven and out to sea.

Sailing along the German and Dutch Coasts

Major shipping lanes lie just offshore. The night sail along the sandy, low lying coast will be very busy with navigation lights of ships, pilot vessels the inshore fishing fleets and offshore wind farms.

In the distance we will pass the Fresian Islands of Borkum, Nordney, and Terschelling before we round Vleiland to visit our first Dutch port in the Netherlands at Harlingen.

The Netherlands

Leaving Harlingen Trinovante will pass through locks at the North end of 30km long, 7m high Afsluitdijk to enter the huge fresh water expanse of the Ijsselmeer. Before the 1930's this area was open tidal sea.

Trinovante aims to visit some of the many attractive towns which were once sea ports fringing the shores of the Ijsselmere and it's southern sister the Markermeere. Towns we might visit on our way south to Amsterdam include Enkhuizen, Medemblik and Hoorn after which Cape Horn is named. This is a chance to dip a toe into the rich Dutch seafaring history and see some of the best places in the Netherlands.

The long photo showing Trinovante moored amongst traditional Dutch sailing vessels below was take in Hoorn. You can expect to see lots of traditionally rigged sailing boats like these out and about on the water.

These is also the Dutch cheese, apple cake, cinnamon biscuits and beer to look forward to.

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Ships in the Kiel Canal

A sailing ship.

At the helm of a tall ship

Hoorn, the Netherlands

REading on the aft deck of Trinovante

Sailing Barges in the Netherlands.