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View from the aft deck - schooner Trinovante.

An Offshore Voyage Lasting Several Days and Coastal Day Sailing.

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Trinovante is not sailing in 2018. For 2019 voyages click below.

2019 Tall Ship Sailing Adventures


UK to Denmark
Ipswich to Copenhagen, Helsingør
Saturday 17th June to Saturday 1st July 2017
14 nights

Getting To And From The Ship Ipswich

Getting To And From The Ship Copenhagen, Helsingør

A voyage in two distinct parts.

In some ways this voyage has everything, a challenging sea voyage followed by some relaxed cruising as we sail 600 miles North and East from Ipswich to Denmark.
It is essential that you have a good level of fitness and agility for this voyage but you do not necessarily need to have sailed before. You will be part of a watch system for the initial part of the voyage which is a passage expected to take 3 to 4 days.

Remember if you have any questions at all just phone or email. You will be talking to the actual people you will be sailing with, either John the skipper or Su the mate.

From Ipswich to Denmark

This fortnight marks the start of Trinovante's 2017 adventure as we leave the UK. The route we will take depends entirely on the wind. .

There are oil and gas fields scattered in the North Sea but generally little shipping. Mostly we will have the whole wide horizon, from sunrise to sunset and starlight skies all to ourselves until land is sighted land on the other side.

Trinovante always has a few stowaways in the form of exhausted birds stopping for a rest. They seem to lose all fear of humans on a sailing ship and are often quite happy to use the crew as a perch or even fly around exploring below.

The most likely route takes us North sailing between Denmark and Norway in the Skaggerak. This is the route marked on the voyage map for 2017

Land Ho!

We could make make landfall amongst the fjords along the South Coast of Norway, or more likely we will head to the North coast of Denmark or even straight to the west coast of Sweden North of Gothenburg.

From here expect more relaxed day sailing in shorter passages.
In previous years we have discovered some beautiful places that are difficult to visit any other way than by boat.

All 2019 Adventure Sailing Voyages

All voyage notes refer only to possible itineraries - where we sail, passage lengths and the places we call into will be entirely dependent on the wind and weather at the time.

Oil rig in the North sea with attendant guard boat.

A stowaway bird.

View through the port hole of the sea.

Danish Flag on a tall ship

A banana peddalo entering the harbour at Helsingor

Helsingor Castle seen through the rigging of a ship.