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The schooner Trinovante moored in Hooorn, Netherlands

Offshore And Coastal Day Sailing

Sorry you missed this voyage.

Trinovante is not sailing in 2018. For 2019 voyages click below.

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Netherlands - UK
Amsterdam to Ipswich
Wednesday 6th September to Tuesday 12th September 2017
6 Nights

Getting To And From The Ship Amsterdam

Getting To And From The Ship Ipswich

Join the ship 6 pm on the first day, leave around 10am on the last day.

What will you get from this sailing holiday?

This voyage has both an overnight passage from the Netherlands to the UK (ideal if you want to try sailing out at sea but don't want to commit to a long offshore voyage) and day sailing in either the UK the Netherlands or both. As ever we will joining forces with the wind and tide to maximise time spent sailing.


You will be joining the boat in the centre of Amsterdam for this voyage. Trinovante might start by sailing around the Dutch Inland seas and exploring beautiful old Dutch red brick towns for a couple of days before crossing over to the UK. If the wind is favourable, you might set sail straight away for the UK and head down the North Sea Canal towards Ijmiuden and the open sea.
Either way this is an interesting voyage with plenty to see.

Crossing the North Sea

The overnight passage of about 120 miles takes us across the North Sea Deep Water Routes where there is plenty of shipping keep an eye out for. Although the North Sea seems vast very large ships heading for big ports like Hamburg are confined to these routes by their draught. As crew you will immediately be into hoisting sails, steering a compass course, keeping a look out and settling into the ebb and flow of life at sea.

In 2016 we had had lots of land birds keeping us company and hitching a ride on Trinovante They lose their fear of humans at sea and can even get a bit bossy. The bird on the right is a chaffinch who spent a few days with us, had a hearty appetite and spent some time exploring down below..

Landfall in the UK

This will probably be Harwich with a run ashore for a beer in one of the pubs in the old town. If there is time Trinovante can spend a couple of days 'day sailing' and showing you some of the Thames Estuary Rivers such as the Stour, Colne and Blackwater. These are our home waters where Trinovante is well known and there is plenty of scope for quiet anchorages.

Insurance required - Offshore - Outside territorial waters and more than 12 miles from land.

All voyage notes refer only to possible itineraries - where we sail, passage lengths and the places we call into will be entirely dependent on the wind and weather at the time.

Barges Racing in the Thames Estuary

Learning the ropes

A flock of geese flying over the water in the Thames Estuary