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Schooner Trinovante - Offshore Sailing Video

What's it like sailing offshore when the wind gets up?

This video gives you a flavour.

Or read writer Laura Watts account of her first Offshore Voyage

Can you start off with an offshore voyage if you are a complete beginner?

Yes. There is no reason why not.
However, if you have never sailed offshore be aware that you must fulfill the physical fitness requirements. You don't need to be super fit but if the going gets tough, life at sea can be both physically and mentally challenging.

The only remaining spaces for an Offshore Voyage onboard Trinovante in 2017 are for Amsterdam to Ipswich in September.

You are an experienced offshore sailor but only on yachts?

You will find Trinovante much more comfortable in a sea way and a pleasure to sail.

You have offshore experience on much bigger tall ships?

Trinovante is more lively and responsive than larger vessels. With smaller crew numbers, you will get to be much more involved with everything that happens onboard.