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How and when to Pay

A road map for what happens after you book.

  • Your initial voyage payment is only made after you have completed a booking form and we have confirmed we can accept your booking.

  • You now pay 35% of your voyage fee in one of the following ways
    Bank transfer (preferred) - we will send you our bank details after you have filled in a booking form.


    Cheque in the post (send this with your booking form if you are applying by post) made payable to SchoonerSail Limited Clients Account


    By Credit or Debit card through Pay Pal - you do not need to have a Pay Pal account for this. Just click on the link to go through to our payment page.

  • We send out a confirmation of your booking by e mail.

  • Now is the time to go ahead and arrange your travel to and from the ship and travel insurance.
    Please make sure you read our notes on sailing holiday travel insurance.
    If at this stage you find you cannot arrange travel or insurance you can cancel and get a refund so long as this is within the time period specified in the SchoonerSail terms and conditions.

Just before you sail

  • When Trinovante arrives in port we email joining instructions for the exact position of the boat. We will also post this information on our facebook page and you will probably be able to track the boat via ASI using a free site such as Vessel Finder. As a last resort you can contact us on the boat phone.
    Make sure you let us know if you change your email address between booking and sailing

  • Remember to pac all the things on our what to take on a sailing holiday list.

  • Your second voyage payment is the remaining 65% of your voyage fee.
    This is payable when you arrive onboard Trinovante. It is easier for us (and probably you) if you make arrangements to do a bank transfer shortly before you arrive - most of our regular sailors do this. However you can also pay by card via Pay Pal (our Pay Pal payment page is updated for this shortly before the start of the season) or by cash when you arrive onboard using British Pounds Sterling or Euros. We may also be able to accept other currencies - check with us first.

Hurray! Go Sailing!