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Ships in the Kiel Canal seen through the rigging of a sailing ship.

Joining Or Leaving The Ship in Kiel, Holtenau Germany

All 2017 Adventure Sailing Voyages

Poland to Germany - Szczecin to Kiel

Monday 7th August to Thursday 17th August 2017
10 Nights £1195

Germany to the Netherlands - Kiel, Holtenau to Amsterdam

Wednesday 23rd August to Thursday 31st August 2017
8 nights £960

All our sailing holiday itineraries are carefully crafted to make your journey to the ship as easy and reasonably priced as possible.
Prices for flights often go up over time so it may also be a good idea to book flights early.

Trinovante will be alongside the Tissenkai in Holtenau as per the Google Map below.

Travel options include -

Fly to Hamburg airport and get the airport bus to Kiel

Hamburg(HAM) has a big international airport. The skyscanner map and google flights can be quite helpful for finding flights and google now includes a price tracker.

The Airport Bus

The 'Keilus Bus' goes from outside the Hamburg airport terminals to outside Kiel central train station at Kiel, Bahnhofsvorplatz.
The keilus bus website looks excellent and has all the information you need. It says the bus leaves hourly from stop B, immediately outside the airport terminals.

You can only pay in cash if you want to buy a ticket from the driver. If you use the Keilus online shop, you can use a credit card or PayPal. The system will then immediately send you the ticket by e-mail, and you can print it out at home

The bus takes approximately one and a half hours. When we checked the ticket price was 20 Euros
The online shop appears to be only available in German. Google Translate is a handy way to decifer it.

From Kiel station your easiest option may to get a taxi to Holtenau which takes about 10 minutes and costs around £18. We have been told the Keilbus driver will call a taxi for you if you ask


catch bus 91 at a cost of 2.6 Euros for the 30 min ride to Holtenau.

Full details of the bus route from Kiel Hautpbanhof to Tissenkai, Holtenau with a google map and a link to timetables.

Or if you have time go all the way by train

You can find all the info you will ever need and more on the Man in Seat 61 website.

Google Map - this SchoonerSail map shows the route by taxi as suggested by google.

Click on the Google Map icons above to reveal more information. The exact location of Trinovante is finalised on arrival in port and we then update joining crew by email..
This map gives you enough information to plan your travel and familarise yourself with the area but remember we may be on a different pontoon or quay on the day. You can also follow Trinovante on AIS which will give an accurate location. Vessel Finder is one web site that provides free AIS ship tracking.

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