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The schoonerTrinovante moored in Helsingor harbour, Denmark.

Joining Or Leaving The Ship Copenhagen, Helsingør.

All 2017 Adventure Sailing Voyages

UK to Denmark - Ipswich to Copenhagen, Helsingør

Saturday 17th June to Saturday 1st July 2017
14 nights £1495

Denmark to Sweden - Copenhagen, (Helsingør) to Kalmar

Thursday 6th July to Saturday 15th July 2017
9 nights £995

Fly to Copenhagen then catch a train to Helsingør

Copenhagen airport, Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup is a major transport hub with plenty of cheap flights available.
Easy Jet , SAS and Ryan Air amongst others fly here.
The skyscanner map and google flights can be quite helpful for finding flights and google now includes a price tracker.

Direct trains leave Copenhagen airport for Helsingør Station every 20 minutes. The total journey time is around one hour. There are also trains with one change at Norreport Metro. The ticket cost when we checked in October was 108 DKK/ Danish Kronor. You can buy your ticket in the airport at the DSB office where you can pay with cash or card. In the machines at the airport you can pay with Danish coins or a card.
Danish Railway's Website

It seems the train track follows the coast for much of the way and it is a pleasant journey..

If you have time you can go all the way by train to Helsingor

You can find all the info you will ever need and more on the Man in Seat 61 website.


Click on the Google Map icons above to reveal more information. The exact location of Trinovante is finalised on arrival in port and we then update joining crew by email..
This map gives you enough information to plan your travel and familarise yourself with the area but remember we may be on a different pontoon or quay on the day. You can also follow Trinovante on AIS which will give an accurate location. Vessel Finder is one web site that provides free AIS ship tracking.

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