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Trinovante side deck view, force 6. Trinovante, with lowers set. Starboard side deck view, brisk breeze. Three crew resetting the mizzen after reefing. The crew hoisting the jib and staysail. Schooner Trinovante sailing amongst islands to the north of Stavanger, Norway. Two Trinovante crew practising their bowlines on the fore deck. Schooner Trinovante alongside in the north of Norway A view of beaches and islands in the Lofotens, Norway.

2017 Tall Ships Sailing Holidays Itinerary Out Soon.

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Good company, wide horizons, magical island archipelagos, vibrant cities, sunsets over quiet anchorages and the satisfaction in being part of the ships crew that sailed there.

For those with an adventurous streak sailing onboard is an enjoyable way to live in harmony with the wind and tides and leave every day life behind for a while. Trinovante is a three masted schooner with a reputation for having a relaxed and friendly atmosphere onboard. Everyone plays a full role in sailing the ship and there is a strong emphasis on sail training and teaching good seamanship skills.

Every year our schooner Trinovante sets sail on a different voyage of several thousand miles.View 2016 and previous years voyage maps

In 2017 we set sail on another voyage of adventure and expoloration from the UK. Heading into the Baltic via wondeful Copenhagen to Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. We return back to the UK via the Keil Canal and the Netherlands.
En route we will be participating in the 2017 Tall Ships Races .

Schooner Trinovante bows on. copyright Richard Sibley Tall Ships Gallery.

Sailing is fantastic way to travel, explore and meet people. Arriving on a charismatic schooner you are immediately welcomed as part of the scene wherever you go.

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Schooner crew enjoying an evening at the Sail Amsterdam Festival.

John - Skipper on the Schooner Trinovante

SchoonerSail is run by Su and John.

We sail onboard as permanent skipper and mate.
If you phone SchoonerSail, it will be one of us picks up the phone.

Over the last 12 years we have sailed tens of thousands of miles on Trinovante.

Su - Mate on the Schooner Trinovante.

About John

John trained in engineering, has worked in steel fabrication, as a yacht delivery skipper and in the offshore industry. For a number of years he sailed extensively in an engineless 50ft ketch.

Since 2002 he has been the skipper of Trinovante.

Schooner Trinovante Tall Ships Race 2010. Copyright Richard Sibley Tall Ships Gallery.

About Su

Su was involved in setting up the Bromley by Bow Centre in the East End of London, taught for ILEA and worked as a carpenter. She has been sailing for many years.

Since 2002 she has been sailing onboard Trinovante as mate.

Su and John have been living and working together for the last 25 years.

Many thanks to Richard Sibley of The Tall Ships Gallery for letting us use the photo above of Trinovante racing in the Tall Ships Regatta.

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